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    2019 Winter Workshop

    Tig Tillinghast: Forest Metrix Tech and Map Hacks.pdf

    Map Image Overlay Guide 2018.pdf

    Pro Mapping Primer from Urban Forest Metrix 7-17.pdf

    Link to Article on Tree ID Apps: https://northernwoodlands.org/editors_blog/article/tree-and-plant-identification-apps

    Jimmy Walters: Root and Butt Rots_GAA_121219.pptx

    2019 GAA November Meeting, 11/12/19

    Kim Coder, Tree Leaves

    2019 GAA January Meeting

    Adam Betuel, Birds and Trees

    2018 Awards, Gwinnett Tech, 12/13/18

    Jerry BondBond_LoadAnalysis.pdf

    Jerry BondBond_ProfitProfessionalism.pdf

    Eric KuehlerThe role that trees and urban forest systems play in stormwater runoff m....pdf

    Kim Coder's Presentation 9/11/18, Trees of the Bible/Quran

    Selected trees of Bible Quran list 2018.pdf

    2018 Summer Symposium, Flinchum's Phoenix, 8/23/2018

    Dr. Kim Coder, Tree Anchorage & Root Strength

    David Dechant, Nature Based Solutions for Resilient Cities

    Art Morris, Trees and Construction

    Dr. Larry Morris, Healthy Soils, Healthy Trees

    David Dechant's Presentation 5/8/18 The Urban Forest as Green Infrastructure

    The Urban Forest as Green Infrastructure_GAA_short.pdf

    Mark Duntemann Presentation 3/16/17 Tree Risk Management for Georgia Communities

    TRMW Session 1 - Concepts of Risk Management.pdf

    TRMW Session 2 - Reasonable and Practical.pdf

    TRMW Session 3 - Risk Analysis.pdf

    TRMW Session 4 - Defining Risk Reduction Goals.pdf

    TRMW Session 5 - Refining Operations to Identify and Mitigate High-Risk Trees.pdf

    TRMW Session 6 - Long-Term Policies.pdf

    TRMW Session 7 - Program Refinement.pdf

    Lizzie King, Odum School of Ecology and Warnell School of Forestry & Natural Resources, UGA, Bonus Presentation

    Urban Forest Restoration: The Good, The Bad, & The Adorable (Goats & Sheep

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