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    2021: Expand your Business with DOT Contracts,  02/09/21

    Mary Taylor, DOT

    Video of Program

    2021: Grow Your Arborist Career: Credentials Are Important, 01/12/21

    Dan Bauer, Arbor Equity
    Thérèse O. Clemens, American Society of Consulting Arborist
    Luana Vargas, ISA Credential Coordinator

    Video of Program

    2021: Grow Your Business, 12/08/20

    John Snow, Plant Healthcare: Opportunities and Pitfalls
    Ken Thomas, Growing Your Business
    Edward Morrow, Accounting: Demystifying the Language of Business

    Video of Program

    2020 Growing Your Business, 12/8/20

    John Snow, Plant Healthcare: Opportunities and Pitfalls
    Ken Thomas, Growing Your Business
    Edward Morrow, Accounting: Demystifying the Language of Business

    Video of the Program

    2020 Writing Tree Prescriptions, 11/11/20

    Kay Evanovich, Decatur
    David Zaparanick, Atlanta
    Robert Brettschneider, Snellville
    David Shostak, Alpharetta

    Video of Program

    2020 Coastal Arborist Association Presents, Dr. Coder, 10/14

    Hurricanes, Wind, Water, & Tree Devastation

    2020 GAA Georgia Tree Care Industry Economic Impact & Licensing Analysis, Ellen Bauske & Neil Norton, 9/8/20
    Georgia Tree Care Industry Speaks Presentation
    View Video Here
    White Paper Document Here

    2020 Summer Workshop, 8/27/20, Tree Pruning for oldest and biggest trees

    View Video Here

    Presentations (PDF)

    Phillip Kelley: Case Study in New York

    Guy Meilleur: Regenerative Pruning for Smaller, Safer Trees

    Dr. Kim Coder: Tree Pruning Biology

    Additional resources recommended by Guy Meilleur:




    BONUS CEU: Guy Meilleur  and the ISA Southern Chapter produced a great article on pruning. Go to Southern Chapter Newsletter Page, choose Spring 2020, Read Article on page 14, and send the attached quiz (bold your answers) with full name and ISA #. Southern Chapter will award you an additional CEU to Skip Kincaid <skincaid@isasouthern.org> ! Thanks Skip!

    2020 GAA Meeting, 7/14/20, Wood boring Insects on Loblolly Pines and Hardwoods, Dr. Kamal Ghandi
    Wood boring Insects

    2020 CAA Meeting,6/9/20, Robert Cuilty
    Bonsai and Arboricutlure

    2019 Winter Workshop

    Tig Tillinghast: Forest Metrix Tech and Map Hacks.pdf

    Map Image Overlay Guide 2018.pdf

    Pro Mapping Primer from Urban Forest Metrix 7-17.pdf

    Link to Article on Tree ID Apps: https://northernwoodlands.org/editors_blog/article/tree-and-plant-identification-apps

    Jimmy Walters: Root and Butt Rots_GAA_121219.pptx

    2019 GAA November Meeting, 11/12/19

    Kim Coder, Tree Leaves

    2019 GAA January Meeting

    Adam Betuel, Birds and Trees

    2018 Awards, Gwinnett Tech, 12/13/18

    Jerry BondBond_LoadAnalysis.pdf

    Jerry BondBond_ProfitProfessionalism.pdf

    Eric KuehlerThe role that trees and urban forest systems play in stormwater runoff m....pdf

    Kim Coder's Presentation 9/11/18, Trees of the Bible/Quran

    Selected trees of Bible Quran list 2018.pdf

    2018 Summer Symposium, Flinchum's Phoenix, 8/23/2018

    Dr. Kim Coder, Tree Anchorage & Root Strength

    David Dechant, Nature Based Solutions for Resilient Cities

    Art Morris, Trees and Construction

    Dr. Larry Morris, Healthy Soils, Healthy Trees

    David Dechant's Presentation 5/8/18 The Urban Forest as Green Infrastructure

    The Urban Forest as Green Infrastructure_GAA_short.pdf

    Mark Duntemann Presentation 3/16/17 Tree Risk Management for Georgia Communities

    TRMW Session 1 - Concepts of Risk Management.pdf

    TRMW Session 2 - Reasonable and Practical.pdf

    TRMW Session 3 - Risk Analysis.pdf

    TRMW Session 4 - Defining Risk Reduction Goals.pdf

    TRMW Session 5 - Refining Operations to Identify and Mitigate High-Risk Trees.pdf

    TRMW Session 6 - Long-Term Policies.pdf

    TRMW Session 7 - Program Refinement.pdf

    Lizzie King, Odum School of Ecology and Warnell School of Forestry & Natural Resources, UGA, Bonus Presentation

    Urban Forest Restoration: The Good, The Bad, & The Adorable (Goats & Sheep

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