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    Urban Wood Reutilization

    -Re-using the wood you remove from customers' property is a good way to reduce your transportation and dumping costs after a tree job. It is also good for the environment: reusing wood saves carbon by storing it in building materials.

    Many arborists are asking how they can help reutilize the wood they remove. Below we have listed companies and individuals in Metro Atlanta who need wood for floors, furniture, art, and other types of building materials. Each operation works differently, so you will need to contact them for how best to work with them. Some have equipment to pick up the wood; others may mill onsite, depending on need.

    We also list the Georgia Chainsaw Artist. He can give your client an alternative to grinding out a stump by making a piece of art from it.


    To learn more about urban wood reutilization, go here.

    Urban Wood Utilization Directory

    Atlanta Specialty Woods, 770-710-8966

    Atlantic Fine Woods, 678-585, 3592

    EUTree, 678-575-3869

    The Jack Ellis Company, 404-626-3323

    Knot Perfection, 678-472-8792

    Little River Milling & Artisan, LLC, 678-763-2896

    North Georgia Timber   678-234-5941

    Malworks (The Georgia Chainsaw Artist), 706-892-7598

    Oneta Woodworks (Athens), (770) 289-6288

    Southeast Urban Wood Exchange

    2 Tree Boyz Wood, 678-887-0896

    PRESENTATIONS from 9/26/17 Wood Reutilization for Municipalities
    Kay Evanovich, City of Decatur,  Tree Waste Management, PDF 1.9mb
    William Malone, DeKalb County, Producing Yard Debris into Compost to Enhance the Environment & Community, PDF 2.1mb

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