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    TCC Trailer Logo Purchase

    • August 22, 2008
    • 12:30 AM
    • June 01, 2009
    • 11:30 PM
    • Georgia Arborist Association, Inc.


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       GAA Trailer Renovations 
    Logo Placement
    (Scroll Down to See Pictures of Renovation)
    The GAA Events Trailer has been used for many years as headquarters for workshops, GAA TCC, & out of State TCC's.  As a highly visible part of the Association, renovations have been made to improve it's appearance.  So far the trailer has received a new paint job...due to the material that the trailer is made of, a special paint was used to ensure durability. 
    New Paint Job:   $ 835.00
    Now the trailer is getting ready to have lettering applied (GAA logo, past GAA TCC Champions names listed, etc.)  We are also asking for Vendor / Company support by offering space on the trailer for their 16" x  16" (256 square inches) logo .  The logos will remain on the trailer for 3 years at a cost of $300.00.  We must have camera ready artwork for this no later than December 20th, 08 for logos to be placed prior to the 2009 TCC.
    Prior to Renovations:
    Trailer Prior.jpg
    Cleaning Up:
    Cleaning Up.JPG
    New Paint Job:


     New Logos:

    Purchased Logos:
    premier logo 3.JPG

    GAA Sustaining Partners
    Bartlett Web Site.JPG

    TCC Logo:

    New pics of trailer coming soon!

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